List of Day College Staff

Corporate Secretaryship


Dr. P. Roushini Leely Pushpam, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil Ph.D., Associate Professor & Head


Dr. U. Thirunavukkarasu, M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., B.B.M., MBA., Ph.D. Associate Professor & Head


Dr. K. Minraj, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Associate Professor & Head
Dr.C.Nagarajan M.A M.Phil.Ph.D Associate Professor

Physcial Education

Dr. R. Desingu Rajan, M.A., M.P.E.S., M.Phil., Ph.d., N.I.S., Director of Physical Education

Administrative Staff (Aided Staff)

Thiru. D. Srinivasan Junior Assistant (Spl. Grade)
Thiru. J. Ghousemohideen Office Assitant (Spl. Grade)
Thiru. S. Sambandam Sweeper (Spl. Grade)
Thiru. C. Mani Waterman (Spl. Grade)
Thiru. T. Devendran Marker

Management Faculty


Tmt. A. Vijayalakshmi, M.A., M.Phil, HOD
Tmt. R. Ranitha, M.A., M.Phil, Lecturer
Tmt. G. Sathya, M.A., D.T.Ed., Lecturer


Tmt. J. Benita Selvakumari, M.A., M.Phil., Lecturer
Tmt. K. Shoba, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Lecturer
Tmt. K. Vidhya, M.A., D.T.Ed., Lecturer


Thiru. V. Karunakaran, M.Sc., M.Phil., MLIS, UG HOD
Tmt. M. Puruchothama Nayaki, M.Sc., M.Phil., Lecturer
Tmt. N. Vanitha Jothy, M.Sc., M.Phil., Lecturer
Tmt. N. Srilakshmi, M.Sc., M.Phil., Lecturer
Tmt. A. Asha Rani, M.Sc., M.Phil., Lecturer


Selvi M. Manjula Devi, M.A., M.Phil., Senior Lecturer
Tmt. R.L. Poonguzhali, M.A., M.Phil., Lecturer
Thiru. K. Gubendiran, M.A., M.Phil., DNCC Lecturer


Dr. E. Viswanathan, M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil., MBA., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
Tmt. C. Mekkal Roy, M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed., Lecturer
Thiru. M.D. Palanivel M.Com., MBA., B.L.I.S., M.Phil., Lecturer
Mrs. E. Indira Gandhi M.Com., M.Phil., MBA., Lecturer
Thiru. E. Paranthaman M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed., Lecturer
Dr. M. Megala M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D Lecturer
Thiru. A.S. Motilal Babu M.Com., M.Phil., Lecturer
Mrs. R. Uthra M.Com., MBA., M.Phil., Lecturer
Dr. S. Kamaraj M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., Lecturer
Mrs. S. Jayanthi, M.Com., MBA., M.Phil., Lecturer

Corporate Secretaryship

Dr. M. Rajesh, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
Thiru. G. Vinayagamurthy, M.Com., M.Phil., MBA., PGDCA Lecturer
Tmt. R. Lavanya M.Com., M.Phil., MBA Lecturer


Thiru. S. Mahesh Kannan, M.Com., MBA., M.Phil., Lecturer
Thiru. K. Iyyappan, M.A., MBA., M.Phil., Lecturer

Computer Science

Dr. S. Balaji, M.C.A., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., HOD
Dr. B. Jagadhesan, M.C.A.M.Phil.,M.B.A,P.hD Asst.Professor
Thiru. K. Rajasekaran, M.C.A., M.Phil., Lecturer
Thiru. M. Karthick, M.C.A., M.Phil., Lecturer
Thiru. P. Saravanan M.Sc., M.Phil., Lecturer
Tmt. S. Bhuvaneswari, M.Sc., M.Phil., Lecturer
Tmt.Durga Siddharth, MCA, M.Phil., Lecturer
Tmt. S. Vijaya Bharathi, M.C.A., M.Phil., Lecturer


Thiru. G.K. Ashok, M.A., M.L.I.S., M.Phil., Librarian
Thiru. P. Vijayabaskar, M.L.I.S., M.Phil., Assistant Librarian
Selvi. K.S. Girija, M.L.I.S., M.Phil., Assistant Librarian
Mrs. R. Thenmozhi, B.A., Assistant

Placement & Training

Mrs.Chandrakala Placement offcer
Thiru. K. Vidya M.A., Trainer


Lt. Dr.E. Viswanathan, M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.,


Mr. S. Gothandaraman, M.Com., M.Phil.,


Mr. S. Gothandaraman, M.Com., M.Phil.,
Mr. E. Paranthaman, M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed.,
Mr. M.D. Palanivel, M.Com., M.Phil., MBA., B.L.I.S
Mr. G. Vinayakamurthy, M.Com., M.Phil., MBA., PGDCA.,
Mr. K. Gubendhiran, M.A., M.Phil., DNCC.,


Thiru. K.R. Rajesh, M.Com., M.Phil., ACA Finance & Admin Manager
Thiru. P.J. Velayutham, B.A., Administrative Officer
Mrs. K. Sita, M.A., Administrative Co-ordinator
Selvi. C. Helen Glady, B.A., Senior Assistant
Thiru. S. Karthik Narayanan, M.C.A., M.Phil., Programmer (Exam. Dept.)
Tmt. M.Venkadeswari, M.Com., Assistant
Tmt. S. Rani B.B.A Assistant
Thiru. M. Suresh Kumar, B.Com., Assistant
Mr. M. Siva Kumar, M.Com., MBA PA to Principal
Mrs. A. Ashwini Assistant
Mrs. P. Jeevitha, B.C.A Assistant
Selvi. A. Viji Accounts Assistant
Selvi. T. Mohana Assistant
Selvi. J. Saranya Assistant
Thiru. M. Chinna Thambi Campus Supervisor
Thiru. G. Krishnan Electrician

Technical Staff (Computer)

Thiru. T. Sathya Arasu, M.Sc., Programmer
Thiru. A. Sekar, M.C.A., Programmer
Thiru. T.A. Abhinath, B.Sc., Programmer
Thiru. D. Jagadeesh, B.Sc., Programmer
Thiru. Srikanth Programmer
Thiru. N. Anandakumar Programmer

NAAC Committee

Dr. P. Roushini Leely Pushpam Member
Dr. S. Balaji Member
Dr. U. Thirunavukkarasu Member
Thiru G. K. Ashok Member

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The Department of Training & Placement of the College was started with the aim of providing opportunities for placement to the students studying in the college.