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“Go Green” is the most sought after tag line across the globe today. That’s why it is rightly said “It is not enough to prepare our children for the future. It is important to prepare the future for our children”. we at DBJC, take it as our responsibility to nurture the nature and make the earth a better place to live in for the current generation as well as for the future generations.

Students today have to learn how to manage the natural resources…. The spontaneous answer to this is that they will naturally watch how the society around them manages the resources and then take a conscious decision on how they want to handle the wealth of the nature. The younger generation watches their adult role models handle energy, water and nature and then imbibe what the society values, conserves and protects.

we take it as our primary duty to impart the need for green initiative to our students by assisting them with the techniques that can be implemented in our college.

Our green initiatives have resulted in the creation of Earth Lover’s club in the college. The youth today have immense power and potential to create a positive transformation. The club aims at creating a campus- wide culture of sustainability and conservation. We, as a team comprising of our students, faculty, administrators and management work towards achieving this.

Few of our notable steps towards “Green initiatives” are as below

  • The Department of Training and Placement Cell conducted a social awareness exhibition on solar products by M/s Solkar Solar Industry in 2011-12. The exhibition gave an insight of how solar energy can be used to conserve the resources and enables us to Go Green.
  • During 2013-14, to make DB Jain college greener and environment friendly, students and faculty from all Departments pitched in vibrantly to plant saplings in the “Go Green” drive
  • In 2015-16, our NSS & YRC departments organized Swacch Bharat AbhiyanProgramme with 300 students who were involved in cleaning the entire college campus. Periodical maintenance of the campus goes a long way in sustaining the greenery of the environment.
  • 2016-17 witnessed the inauguration of Environmental club with the aim of carrying out the best possible activities in conserving and protecting the Greenery around us. Students from various departments took up the initiative of cleaning the campus and planted about 20 saplings of different varieties under the supervision of the faculty.
  • Subsequent to Vardha cyclone, nearly 60 saplings were planted in the campus by the NSS and YRC volunteers followed by planting of around 300 saplings in the year 2017 alone.
  • In the Jain Cultural Meet 2017, competitions on the theme, ‘Wealth from Waste’were conducted to create awareness about waste management and use of organic materials.

Our initiatives are in constant pursuit of the best strategies that we could follow to sustain a great standard of living and hand over a greener world to our future generations.As an Institution, we strive to bring about profound impact within the campus and also on the larger world outside the campus, not only by saving precious resources today but also by training our students to be environmental stewards for their lifetime.

Efforts towards Green Practices

A compulsory paper on Environmental studies is prescribed for the UG students.

  • Awareness programmes are conducted by NSS, Earth Lovers’ club, value education Club.
  • Topics related to environmental issues are taken up during as a part of the activities of the Earth Lovers club, NSS, Value education club
  • Students are encouraged to participate in activities on these issues conducted by other institutions.
  • The members of the Earth Lovers club in the college maintain the plants in the central area of the main block.
  • Subsequent to Vardha Cyclone and the floods in Chennai several over a hundred saplings have been planted in campus.
  • Compost for the garden is generated through the food waste
  • “Switch off lights after use”
  • Vehicle sharing, using public transport is adopted by staff and students
  • Students and staff opt for the public transport viz. bus, train and local facilities like share autos. They also get dropped in the campus in personal vehicles.
  • The roads are user-friendly and the campus has parking spaces clearly marked out for staff and students. Girls have a separate parking space.