Towards improving the infrastructural facilities, a spurt of construction activities has been set in motion.

With the intake of girl students swelling year after year, separate rest room, dining hall and a privy have been provided now so as to enable women students to have the requisite comfort. Staff rooms have been refurbished with the needed furnishings and glistening floor. Separate cabins for each Head of Department with the provision for Inter-Com and P.Cs. for every Department have been added. A capacious pavilion and an extensive indoor auditorium are being designed to accommodate the needs of the State Level Sports Meet within the campus of our College itself. A spacious canteen to cater to the needs of staff and students has been constructed. A long and broad parking shed to station more than 125 vehicles has been built.


A spacious auditorium to facilitate the display of the multiple talents of the students and another auditorium fully air-conditioned to conduct Seminars and Conferences are our precious possession now.

Examination Control Wing:

An added infrastructural facility is the setting up of a separate Examination Control Wing, embellished with Computer Net Work and Photocopier Machine.
A special luxury van for ferrying the members of the staff has been pressed into service from the academic year 2003-2004 onwards.


An expansive library has been constructed conforming to the present day growing needs of the students. A commodious reading room and special enclosures intended for listening and learning events of importance through audio/video electronic systems, Separate provision for Internet connectivity E-Mail transmission, Xerox Machine for Photo copying are now available. Bar coding of the books and indexing them with a press of buttons informing students about the availability or otherwise of the book for reference in the Library are facilitated. Above all a serene environment for study has been brought about in the Library,boosting the scholarly aspiration of students.
Our college library is housed in an artistically designed impressive new building. It is abound with enviable collection of both new and very rare old books. It has at present 22,000 books and annual subscriptions of 33 periodicals. Ours is the only library among city colleges to take recourse to open access system for the benefit of students. Books on various subjects/topics in different languages are available. The well-deserved rolling cup for the best maintained library was awarded by Mylapore Academy to our college in the year, 1993.

Physical Education:

Endowed with spirited and enthusiastic sportsmen among the students every year in our college, sports and games received priority treatment and accorded primary importance. No wonder our students established their supremacy and excellence in all the disciplines of the games. They bring laurels to our college every year to the envy of other colleges around. Our students get automatically selected in each of the inter university competitions, every year and our representatives play Khabadi, Hockey, Volley ball, Football and Kho-Kho and bring glory to our University.
The physical education department is fostering Martial Arts for self-defence. Vigorous training is being imparted on Karate and Silambam. The response from the students every year is encouraging. We are proud to say our physical director is chosen the coach for the Madras University volley ball team to represent the All India University Volley Ball Tournament held on the 15 th of December, 2003.


Well furnished and ventilated class rooms, staff rooms and common rooms.ell equipped Microprocessor and Digital Lab is provided.

Software Lab :

  • The Department is housed in a separate block consisting of 3-floors within the D.B.Jain College premises.
  • A spacious software laboratory with 124 computers and other peripherals.
  • ISDN – Connection for Internet usage is also available along with the relevant software.

Microprocessor lab:

Well equipped Microprocessor and Digital Lab is provided.

Seminar hall:

Air-conditioned Seminar Hall with 250 seating capacity and all other associated facilities which include public – address sysems and projection facilities is available in the MCA Block.


  • There is an exclusive departmental Library consisting of 2000 books with reading room facility.
  • National and International Journals are subscribed periodically.

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DB Jain Faculties organise teaching and research into individual subjects or groups of subjects. Their work is normally organised into sub-divisions called Departments.



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The Department of Training & Placement of the College was started with the aim of providing opportunities for placement to the students studying in the college.