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Why D.B.Jain ?

Education plays a rudimentary role for any society and hence it has become indispensable part for one’s personal success and prosperity of society. Such is the vitality of education which shapes the youth who re-shape the future.

We at, DB Jain, cultivate a constant learning process and perseverence for innovation and urge our students for utmost usage of their skills and abilities. We as a fraternity,not just consider education to be a mere logical, analytical and quantitative skills to find better jobs, but nurture the students to identify their real potential, for greater values and morals. We provide the paradigm shift through cognitive framework and empower the students in a holistic and integrated manner so as to produce individuals who are intellectually, emotionally and physically balanced, in order to meet the demands of contemporary society.

We take pride in their discipline and strongly believe in the philosophy of education as form of liberal discipline. At DB Jain, students learn the discipline of education as they practice the habits of proper learning, obedience, critical thinking, reverence, civility, physical and moral fitness which habitats their mature living.

The essence of higher education lies in the success of the symbiotic relationship between the student and the academic body. DB Jain’s strong principles flow down from the founder and the leadership team to all the faculties who belong to this academic family. The Management of DB Jain provides forward-thinking leadership while the Faculty’s dedicated team contributes greatly to the students’ development.The in-depth knowledge, high standards, professionalism and etiquette our professors set for themselves and their courteousness provide the environment for the students to thrive and strive towards goals.

The best way to test the assimilation of knowledge is by putting it into practice. DB Jain offers both academic and practical studies. We construct the students’ life at the campus and raise independent yet liable citizens and socially responsible leaders.

Anyone who aspire to carve a niche for themselves, realize the beauty of attaining knowledge, look beyond and extend the boundaries for greater responsibilities and drive towards their goals, DB Jain must be the place for it.